Our offer

If you are abused in close relationships, we would advice you to get in touch with us. If you call we will listen to you and make a note of any difficulties so that we can help you to use your own resources on the way to a better daily life. We can suport you so that you can stand on your own two feet and manage your own life. Where necessary, we can put you in touch with a lawyer who can give you advice free of charge. You can ring us at any time of the day or night, visit us for a conversation with a member of staff during the daytime and/or stay with us for a period of time. If you feel that your problems are not serious enough for the centre's offer - please get in touch anyway. We have a widespread knowledge of the help that is available and can perhaps put you in touch with other people who are more competent in their respective fields and can then help you with specific problems.


For women with minority backgrounds

17 out of total of 29 women who stayed at the centre in 2012 had a minority background. These women who are abused in close relationships are often in a very vulnerable situation because of language difficulties and little knowledge of one's own legal rights. We will meet this challenge as well as we can by using an interpreter where necessary so that whoever gets in touch with us can receive all the help and information they require. Our staff want to maintain a good offer of help to women with a minority background. In fact several members of staff have a minority background themselves.