About Nordmøre Crisis Centre

Our basic values:

We aim to treat everyone that gets in touch with us as equal whatever their status, cultural background, political or religious beliefs. We respect our clients' intrinsic values, whatever their personal or moral beliefs. Compassion is of the utmost importance to us.

The Crisis Centre is not an institution for treatment and we do not take away any responsibility from the client. We work according to the principle called "Help to self-help". This means that together, we can work out which challenges you face and help you to solve them. You are the only person who knows how you are and what you need. We can support you with advice and guidance as well as increasing your knowledge and understanding of the situation at present, so that you can improve your own life situation. All guidance is carried out during the daytime with staff who have a great deal of experience of helping people who have been abused in close relationships.

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