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Bilde av Fille offrant des fleurs, (c) SanKNordmøre Crisis Centre is open 24 hours a day primarily for people who have been abused in close relationships. The centre is a supplement to public help in the surrounding municipalities and is a low key offer which is free of charge. This means that it is not necessary to have an appointment or reference in order to get in touch with us.

Nordmøre Crisis Centre is able to offer help to people who are being or have been abused in close relationships in the following ways:
  • The emergency telephone - We can receive calls from men and women 24 hours a day and can help with advice, support, information or by just listening to problems.
  • Daily appointments - We offer both men and women appointments and support on a daily basis. This can be arranged quickly. We can put you in touch with the local social services and make sure you get the help you are entitled to.
  • Safe temporary accommodation for women and man. In acute situations women or men with or without children can stay at the centre for a period of time. During this stay the residents will be given the chance to talk to the staff. One designated member of staff can help to get in touch with the following: lawyer, police, doctor, social services, domestic affairs and other help organizations/institutions. This offer is physically divided between women, according to law.
  • Offer to children - 1 of our members of staff are responsible for taking care of the cildren and their interests during their stay.
  • Support after leaving - Regarding rehabilitation, the centre offers everyone support appointments.
  • Free legal aid - With help from the Ministry of Justice, the centre can offer free legal help and advice to people who have been abused in close relationships. Appointments with a lawyer can be arranged by calling the centre.
  • Interpreter - Where necessary we can arrange for an interpreter to be present.
Both staff and people staying at the centre are bound to observe professional secrecy.
When calling us you can remain anonymous.